Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working Issue Fixed, Check Now

Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working Issue Fixed, Check Now

Are you suffering from Windows 10 keyboard not working issue?? You have to worry no more as we are right here to fix your problems. We all know how great the Windows 10 platform. The offerings of the OS are next to intriguing and Windows 10 users get all allowance to have the total control over their device. But often, folks suffer from Windows 10 keyboard not working properly issues, so we have come again to fix such problems. Check whether the below-provided methods can help you or not in troubleshooting the technical errors occurring on Windows 10 devices.

Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working

During our research we have found something interesting. If you are running any iOS or an Android app like iMessage for Windows etc, then you may experience a similar issue, then uninstall the app and reinstall with the latest version, it will fix the issue. 

Windows Keyboard Not Working: Help!

Method 1 (Using Uninstall Synaptics Driver)

  • STEP 1- You will have to Right-click the Start Button and then you will have to choose Device Manager from the menu.
  • STEP 2- When the Device Manager gets opened you will need to locate the Synaptics driver, now you will have to right-click it and then you will need to choose the Uninstall from the menu right away.
  • STEP 3- If available, you will have to check the Delete the driver software for this device and then you will immediately have to click OK.
  • STEP 4- After you uninstall the driver you will have to restart your PC.

Method 2 (By Updating your keyboard or trackpad drivers)

  • STEP 1- First off, you will have to download and then you need to install TweakBit Driver Updater
  • STEP 2- Once this is installed, the program will now begin to scan your Windows PC for the outdated drivers automatically. The Driver Updater will now check the user’s installed driver versions against the cloud database of latest versions and then recommend the proper updates. All you need is wait for the scan to get over.
  • STEP 3- After the scan gets completed, you will now get a report on the many problem drivers found on your Windows 10 PC. Now you have to review the list and then check whether or not you want to update each driver individually or update all once. In order to update one driver, you will have to click the ‘Update driver’ link which is present right next to the driver name. Or you can simply click the ‘Update all’ button in order to automatically install all recommended updates.

The Partying Words

Fixing a botched keyboard will neither demand the laptop’s full replacement nor cost you loads of money. The aforementioned methods should work in your favor in order to fix the Windows 10 laptop keyboard not working difficulty because they cover almost all the commonly found causes behind the error and provide suitable solutions. So, find the unique solution in this guide of ours and help yourself solving the Windows 10 laptop keyboard not working issue and then you can even recommend us to your close folks as well as friends.

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