With Mikey Neumann’s Departure, Borderlands 3 Could Go in a Different Creative Direction

While most fans are confident that Borderlands 3 is in development, a sad news has surfaced. Mikey Neumann, who has been associated with the series since its early beginnings has now departed Gearbox Software, which puts the possibility of getting Scooter or a character related to the endearing mechanic from the games in jeopardy.

Borderlands 3 Characters

Neumann shared the news of his departure on his Twitter account, where he clarified that the decision was based on issues related to his health, and not due to any disagreements. In fact, Neumann’s health has been on the decline for a few years now, particularly in the wake of his stroke back in 2011. The creative director for Borderlands 1 and 2 had been associated with the Texas-based studio for nearly two decades. He was also the voice of Scooter across all the games, and although the fate of Scooter was left indeterminate in Tales from the Borderlands, he had teased something exciting during a future panel.

In 2016, Neumann said that while Scooter may not find an arc in Borderlands 3, it was possible that he would be heavily referenced with the help of a son. In his usual comical vein, Neumann had decided to name this son Scooper, adding that he would have a super high pitched voice. Although he was just exploring the possibilities aloud, fans who were deeply moved by Scooter’s fate saw it as a fantastic thread tying the last games and the new one together.

However, with Neumann’s departure from Gearbox, we wonder what will happen to this new character that fans had been eagerly looking forward to. It is completely possible that he will be done away with, or Pitchford might just keep him as a homage to Neumann’s ideas. Even more concerning is the possibility that the new game may take a different creative approach. After all, Neumann was intrinsically connected to the series’ production since its inception.

We don’t hope to hear anything on that front right away, although we would love to hear a direct confirmation from Gearbox that Borderlands 3 is in development. Although clues have been amply strewn around since early 2017, we are still waiting to hear something solid.

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