Borderlands 3 Trailer: Watch this Space Closely

Borderlands 3 Trailer: The popular game franchise Borderlands is one of the top most preferences for all the gaming fanatics and the wait for its third entry is very much legit. There have been innumerable speculations regarding the launch of Borderlands 3 in 2018, as the last game in the series was released in 2012. So the Borderlands 3 Trailer is still due, but we have some surprises in store for all of you. So you must keep reading.

Borderlands 3 Trailer

Borderlands 3 Trailer

  • The CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford mentioned in 2014 that the plans for developing Borderlands 3 was not in the pipeline,

But he spoke about Gearbox planning to work on an all new Borderlands game in January 2015. And in 2016 Pitchford confirmed about the Borderlands sequel which might be called as Borderlands 3.

Pitchford has also stated about the development of Borderlands 3 being underway right after all the DLCs of Battleborn is finished. So we can expect the official Borderlands 3 Trailer quite soon indeed. 

Mikey Neumann has said that he has conceptualized the idea for Borderlands 3 and a new character will be added to the game. And if the idea of Newmann is highlighted then the all new character would be the son of fandom’s favorite character Scooter and he will be named as Scooper. Nevertheless,

Mikey Neumann Writer
  • Borderlands 2 was widely played by all the gaming fanatics and was sold over 12 million units by the end of March 2015.

The plot of Borderlands is set on the planet of Pandora where the Vault hunters are set on a mission to come across the hidden vaults. The players get to choose the Vault hunters of their own choices to exceed in the game and the Vault hunters are generally chosen on the basis of their skill sets so that the players can play the game strategically.

Borderlands 3 Trailer

There are a lot of fan made trailers of Borderlands 3 are available online, but the originally trailer has not yet been launched. Nevertheless, the fans might expect to get a glimpse of the new character Scooper in Borderlands 3 Trailer and also the new antagonist who will be introduced in the next game in the series after the death of Handsome Jack.

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