Borderlands 3 Rumors: Patricia Tannis Could Be the Next Villain

The hype has been cooking about the Borderlands 3 release date, as there is currently no questioning the fact that the game is definitely in the making. What obviously follows is speculation surrounding what we can see in the new game in terms of features, as well as the story. And that has given rise to countless Borderlands 3 rumors.

Coming to the story aspects, we may have a clue about what can be expected to happen when Borderlands 3 releases. Earlier this year, an enticing new code was discovered in the Battleborn DLC using Morse, which unveiled a rather telling message about Patricia Tannis. This is what the code has been translated to, according to the r/Battleborn subreddit users: "Visit Prometea/ Children of the Vault/ We Are Not on Pandora Anymore/ Tannis Is Not What She Seems/ Do Not Open the Vaults." Needless to say, this has given rise to a number of rumors about Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Rumors

Now as we all know, Tannis is a rather eccentric character who is obsessed with the Vault. In fact, her obsession has led her to do some crazy things, and over the period of her research, she has developed a complete state of emotional void. Being the leading researcher in the Vault area, she figures quite a lot in the games, but while we have come to know a few things about her behavioral singularities, we don’t really know much about her.

However, we have reason to believe that Tannis could become a much more important character in the next game. In fact, many Borderlands 3 rumors point at the possibility of Tannis being a siren, although she has never been seen displaying any of the powers of one. She also does not seem to have any tattoos down the front of her body, unlike Lilith and Maya. But Jack’s torture of Tannis, which apparently involved a lot of cutting, does not seem to leave any physical traces on her. Also, why do you suppose Jack lets Tannis live after the torture? Jack was a mindless killer with no compunctions about killing, so why spare someone who is already a threat?

There is definitely a lot that we do not know yet, and the message deciphered from the Battleborn DLC is a clear hint that she has a hidden agenda. If we find out that Tannis is indeed a siren, tattoos or no tattoos (there may be an anomaly here), then that could somehow tie into the newfound warning. So yes, Tannis could be the potential new villain for Borderlands 3.

Keep in mind that all this lies in the realm of speculation right now, but we think it makes sense. If you have any thoughts on this theory, join us in the comments section below to give your inputs. For more Borderlands 3 rumors, stay tuned to our page.

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