Borderlands 3 Listing Spotted on UK Retailer’s Website

All Borderlands fans are looking ahead to an announcement related to Borderlands 3. With developer Gearbox Software’s panel coming up at this year’s open for all E3 event, fans are hopeful that they would finally come across some concrete information about the next installment in the esteemed series.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

In fact, rumors strongly indicate that Gearbox is currently working on a new Borderlands game, as was made apparent by the GDC tech demo earlier this year. However, Gearbox has only been teasing the title, raising questions among fans if there is at all a Borderlands game coming up. But new reports suggest that an announcement may indeed be coming, and if fans are lucky enough, it may happen at E3 2017 itself.

The source of the speculation comes from a report that points out a listing for Borderlands 3 ahead of any announcement. A UK-based retailer has the game listed on their website for pre-order, along with a brand new logo. The listing has appeared only for the Xbox One and the PS4, and there is no PC version to be seen.

It is obviously not clear if this was an honest slip or done intentionally. In the former case, the news would be a good one as it might indicate an impending announcement- something that has been awaited for a long time. Years, in fact.

However, fans should not get their hopes up just yet. Gearbox Founder and CEO Randy Pitchford had told fans last year that while the studio was interested in making more content for their most famous franchise, they might not settle for the name Borderlands 3. The new game might be called something entirely different, they had said.

So at this point, nothing can be said until the developers roll out some official information. It is most important to note that the listing does not contain any additional information about the game. As far as listings for video games go, this is quite uncommon. But we hope that Gearbox does not disappoint fans this time, and finally shows us something related to Borderlands 3 soon.

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