Borderlands 3 Features: The Future is Now

Borderlands 3 Features: Borderlands 3 is one of the bigger names in the world of video games that have hit the headlines for quite some time now. Fans across the world are eagerly waiting for something official to be announced on this game. But nothing has been mentioned since its first announcement in January 2015 that the game is under the process of development. Here we will be revealing some of the expected Borderlands 3 Features, and will also explain them in a detailed way.

Borderlands 3 Features

Borderlands 3 Features

The game Borderlands for the first time saw the light of the day in 2009. The developer of the game Gearbox Software came up with the second edition of the game Borderlands 2 in the year 2012. Following that more than 3 years have passed, there has been nothing concrete regarding the release dates of the game. But there have been no lack of speculations regarding what the features of the game are going to be. And here is a list what the probable borderlands 3 features to be expected from Gearbox Software might be.

Borderlands 3 Features (Fresh & New)

Borderlands 3 Maps

The game will add some new maps and some new tweaks in the multiplayer mode.

New Vehicles

Some new vehicles are to be introduced because according to the story, it has taken a big leap in time.


Some new characters are to be introduced in order to make this game more interesting


It's gonna redefine multiplayer experience to a new level. You can play as an ally and as an enemy from the opposite side.


we can expect that there will be new weapons added to the already existing list


4K resolution is slowly becoming a thing of the past although it has been not long that it has come into


  • Borderlands 3 Maps : In the currently available version of the Borderlands 2, we have seen that the actions are taking place in the world of a new planet named Pandora where the Vault hunters are found to be in a mission to get the better of the an alien abomination ‘The Destroyer’.  
  • Besides this we have seen a lot of things happening in the Moon as well. So it is expected that in the Borderlands 3 we will be getting some new lands to explore. Something like a new land covered with snow and lethal mammoths lurking around could be the perfect setting for the players to explore.
  • With all the new gaming consoles coming in it can be expected that Gearbox will be able to bring in the new lands to explore. It is also reported that the Borderlands 3 could be set on the planet “Promethea” as one of the Vault icons in the title of the game which with a bit of innovation leads to the name “Promethea”.
  • So speculations are rife that the latest upcoming edition in the Borderlands series is going to be named as “Promethea”
  • Borderlands 3 Characters : In the Borderlands 2 we have Handsome Jack as the leading character. The players like Handsome Jack as the prime antagonist as they move ahead in the game Borderlands 2. This character has been a fan favourite. But with the new edition in the Borderlands series expected to be coming out few months from now on, These characters will surely make Borderlands 3 Gameplay more appealing. 
  • it is expected that the game is definitely going to get yet another fascinating antagonist, especially owing to the fact that Handsome Jack dies at the end of the game Borderlands 2. That is only going to make the game even more interesting.
  • Fans are hence looking for another antagonist and Gearbox Software is estimated to be providing the players with that.Also in the borderlands 2, the playable characters of Borderlands 1 – Roland, Lilith, Brick and Mordecai came in as non-playable characters. So it is predicted that Borderlands 3 is also going to follow the same trend.
  • The Vault Hunters in the second edition of the Borderlands franchise are Axton, Maya, Salvador and Zer0. It is predicted that these characters will once again be coming as non-playable characters in Borderlands 3. So this opens the avenue for new playable characters to come in Borderlands 3.
  • With a later DLC pack coming in, two new characters with the name Gaige and Kreig were included in the roster. So the possibilities of later DLC packs arriving with new characters cannot be wiped out completely.
  • Borderlands 3 Multiplayer Mode : Another fascinating addition to the exciting Borderlands 3 Features list is going to be the multiplayer mode. The earlier editions of the game Borderlands have seen gamers across the world enjoying the game while playing in the multi-player mode. So it is a not a secret that the Borderlands 3 is going to come out with a multiplayer mode as well. The game can also be played in the single-player mode.
  • Graphics : With the passage of time one of the most important things that has grabbed the attention in the world of video games is the kind of graphics that the games have.
  • With nothing at all being mentioned regarding when the game is going to be released, the possibilities of a better graphic designing of the game have gained real momentum. Most of the games that are scheduled to be coming up in the year 2017 are expected to be having a version compatible with the virtual reality playing conditions.
  • 4K resolution is slowly becoming a thing of the past although it has been not long that it has come into. Many big video games are coming out with a 4K resolution.
  • But with quite a number of days left for the official announcement, it is expected that the game will be playable in virtual reality as well. So that is going to be one of the striking features of the game that is going to make it one of the most-sought after role-playing game in the world.
  • Borderlands 3 Vehicles : The game Borderlands has been a hit since its first appearance way back in 2009. And it increased by a huge extent with the release of the Borderlands 2 few years later. 
  • But one thing that the gamers across the world are looking for in the third edition in the Borderlands series is the vehicles. The Scooter’s buggies have been great. But other than that we have found the gamers to be a bit disappointed regarding the vehicles. One of the aspects which the gamers would like to see a change in is in the type of vehicles. And with the Borderlands set to become bigger than its predecessors, the developers will be looking forward to bring in new vehicles.
  • Also, the inclusions of new vehicles will provide the gamers with a chance of making it even bigger because many role-playing games like Borderlands have got some incredible vehicles. So the inclusion of new vehicles could well turn out to be one of the biggest changes that Gearbox Software is going to bring in, and it makes Borderlands 3 features insane.
  • Weapons : One of the most important aspects of an action role-playing game is the weapon. In the Borderlands 2 we have seen some lethal weapons being put to use. So we can expect that there will be new weapons added to the already existing list. This is going to make the game all the more exciting and action-packed. Reports have suggested that the weapons are going to even more untamable as the weapons will be getting more powerful. So the fans will have a real battle on hand when the Borderlands 3 hits the market.
  • Fans have been looking for a real upgrade as far as the weapons in the upcoming edition of Borderlands are concerned. With the game set to be even more difficult it is expected that the weapons are going to be upgraded. An addition would be really great for the gamers. But even if that doesn’t happen, it is for sure that the game will be getting more deadly weapons. The pre-existing weapons are bound to get even more powerful and will have more impact on the target. The weapons like the Jakobs, the Hyperion, the Maliwan, and the Torgue are expected to be getting more efficient.
  • Also one more feature that the fans would love to have in Borderlands is the ability to customize the guns in the game. The previous editions of the game do not allow the gamers to customize the weapons. And with nothing at all being announced by Gearbox Software regarding the fact that whether the weapons in the game are going to be customizable or not, it cannot be confirmed. But with kind of expectations that the gamers are having with the game Borderlands 3, it is very much plausible that the weapons in the game are going to be customizable.


The arrival of the game Borderlands 3 has not yet been decided. And everything is in a state of speculation. So there are possibilities that the game might come as a real surprise with all the features that have been stated above. Possibilities are also there that all the borderlands 3 features might not be seen in the game when it officially releases.

But one thing is for sure and that is the game is bound to be really exciting for the gamers across the world. The fans of the series of Borderlands are also going to be fascinated while the game is released by Gearbox Software. But until any announcement is made, we have to keep on waiting. The wait might be for few months. But it can get even longer as the reports have suggested.

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