Borderlands 3 Characters: What We Know So Far

If you have been following the news, then you must already know that Borderlands 3 is definitely on the horizon. This is despite the fact that Gearbox has not yet announced anything formally. But the developers have well and truly been dropping hints rather deliberately about the upcoming game, including Borderlands 3 characters.

In this sense, 2017 has been a really interesting year so far because near the beginning, Gearbox Founder and CEO Randy Pitchford gave an early insight into what Borderlands 3 might be shaping up as. The video that he used to demonstrate the new UE4 technology was fraught with elements from the franchise’s world. But what was even more interesting was that it showed us a glimpse at a character who might be featured in the final game. So taking that idea forward, we will talk about the characters of Borderlands 3 that may be featured.

Borderlands 3 Characters

Scooter’s Son Could be a Possibility

We will remind you here that Gearbox has not revealed anything about the characters so far. But there are possibilities that we can speculate on. And as we have said, there are ample hints to go by. First off, series director Mikey Neumann, who has recently departed from Gearbox, had teased earlier that there will be a Scooter connection in Borderlands 3. The character’s fate was left undecided in Tales from the Borderlands, and it is widely presumed that he has met his demise. Neumann, however, had stated that the team could introduce a new character called Scooper, who is none other than Scooter’s son. Although not much was revealed about Scooper, it was said that he might have a comically high-pitched voice.

Randy Pitchford’s Teasing Tweet

While that is the only thing we have heard directly regarding the Borderlands 3 characters, Pitchford had teased shortly after the GDC 2017 unveiling that he was shooting in motion capture for the part of a “psycho bandit” for a new game. Although he did not name Borderlands 3, we have a hard time believing that he would be this closely involved with another project at a time when we are expecting a Borderlands 3 announcement any time now. Besides Pitchford, famous illusionist duo Penn and Teller were also busy shooting for the same project. It is unclear, however, what roles they might be playing.

GDC 2017 and Easter Eggs

Coming to the Borderlands 3 character that we saw at the GDC showing, it is impossible to tell who she was, as she was completely covered in a suit. We didn’t even get a look at her face, so we are not disregarding the possibility that she may indeed be a returning character. Speaking of which, Patricia Tannis, the non-player character from the earlier games who is also the go-to person for information regarding the Vault and the Eridians, may be on her way back to Borderlands 3 is an Easter Egg hidden in the Battleborn DLC is to be taken seriously.

Borderlands 3’s Vault Hunters

Borderlands 3 has typically had multiple playable personalities, with each past game (in the main series) having introduced four new Vault Hunters. It is safe to assume that the practice will be carried forward with the playable characters of Borderlands 3, but perhaps Gearbox will shake things up a bit more by adding to the number and their unique skill set. We look forward to seeing some great customization options too.

Wrap Up

There is no telling if all these will ultimately lead to anything concrete, but the clues are difficult to be ignored. But even if the above characters do not end up materializing, we are sure Gearbox will introduce some major variations in terms of the Borderlands 3 characters. And then there is always the villain- with Handsome Jack gone, we really want to see an equally charismatic villain in the new game. Let us know in the comments section below what kind of characters you would like to see being featured in Borderlands 3.

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