Some of the Best Upcoming Games for Xbox One of 2018 That You Cannot Miss

Given that the Xbox One is probably one of the best gaming consoles to have ever existed in the history of gaming, it stands to reason that the best upcoming games for Xbox One of 2018 should be under the scanner at this time of the month. So, without much ado, we shall present the best games which are rumored to be coming to the Xbox One next year. Given that these games are upcoming, the status of these games may well be updated sooner rather than later.

Best Upcoming Games for Xbox One of 2018: Our Take

These are some of the most acclaimed games that are on the way to the Xbox One. Note that this list of the best upcoming games Xbox One is not exhaustive.

NBA 2K19: NBA is a basketball simulation game which has remained one of the biggest money spinners for the 2K franchise. So successful is the franchise that a new game is already in the works. Now, the NBA 2K18 game has already turned out to be a great game, and the simulation is brilliant. The latest version of the game will be the NBA 2K19, and it is destined to have some of the best features which any gaming simulation game has. Trust the AI to be improved and the gameplay glitches to be removed. This game is coming on the Xbox One and may not come for the Xbox 360 at all. Arrival is likely in September 2018.

Crackdown 3: Crackdown 3 is next in line in the wildly popular action adventure series. For so popular a game, it must be said that it has been languishing in development hell for some time now. Initially, it was supposed to launch this year; now, we are probably looking at a release date sometime in spring 2018. Rumored to have returned multiple times to the drawing board for enabling design changes, this is one of the best upcoming games for Xbox One of 2018. This is also in sync with a report on the popular gaming website, Gaming Phobia.

WWE 2K19: Another one of the popular wrestling simulation games that will get a chin-up next year as the 2K franchise gets its most recent member. Expect vastly improved gameplay and greater player customization options. It will have the latest developments in AI incorporated as well. Besides, 2K will have learned its lessons from the successes and the shortcomings of the WWE 2K18 game as well.

Wrap up

In case you use the Xbox One as your gaming console, you must not miss this list of the best upcoming games for Xbox One of 2018. Given that this year has been a great one as far as gaming is concerned, it stands to good reason that 2018 will be an even better one.

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