4 Best Window Alarms to Keep You Safe and Secure at All Times

If you want to stay in a safe and secure environment at all times in your home, then your out most priority should be to secure the entrances to your house to prevent thefts and burglaries. Most of the thefts and burglaries usually takes place through unsecured doors and windows. Along with the conventional locks, alarm sensors are also a great way to keep your doors and windows secure at all times. We have done some research about the best window alarms and have presented them for you below. Go ahead and take a look.

4 Best Window Alarms: Our Choices

If you have a window alarm system installed in your home, the possibility of a theft is reduced many times. In case someone tries to break in to your apartment, an alarm will alert you and sometimes even your neighbors and could prevent the theft. We have mentioned the 4 best windows alarms below.

  1. X10 Home Control Door/Window Sensor DS10A: This sensor has a very sleek and simple design which will also compliment the looks of your home. It is also very easy to install in your home with a battery life that is longer than most alarm systems.
  2. GE Security Interlogix NX650 Wireless Door Window Sensor: This particular sensor is one of the top rated window alarm sensor available in the market right now. It has a simple design with dimensions of 3.25inch X 1.5inch X 0.88inch. It has two internal reed switches to allow mounting in both horizontal and vertical positions. It also a built in terminal strip for hard wire connections and is FCC compliant as well.
  3. Doberman Security SE-0129 Mini Entry Defender: It has a very sturdy design to fit on every door or window. It also offers a very loud 100dB alarm sound with battery backup in case of power failures. It also offers the option to choose from alarm to chime sound.
  4. Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor: The Aeon sensor also has a very simple design to fit on any door or window. It also offers an excellent wireless range up to 300 feet. It sends its signals through Z-wave wireless signal that does not interfere with any other device installed in your home.

Wrap Up

With this we conclude our guide to the best window alarms. You may choose any one of these alarms based on your requirements. If you like our choices, please share it with your friends and you may also share your feedback with us through the comment section below.

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