Borderlands 3: Everything that We Know so Far

Borderlands 3: Everything that We Know so Far

Borderlands 3: The Borderlands series is possibly one of the most renowned names in the world of gaming, and both the individual main entries in the franchise have gone on to fetch critical and player acclaim and set records in sales. When the first game came out in 2009, for instance, gamers around the world sat up to take notice. As far as sequels to a very successful title go, there are a thousand things that can go wrong and most don’t even live up halfway through to our expectations. Borderlands 2, however, was nothing like that. It is clear that creators Gearbox Software certainly know the formula to deliver one hit game after the other in the same franchise- a remarkable feat by all means. It seems like Borderlands 3 is already in the making, and in this page we will be providing all the exclusive updates regarding this upcoming action game in a detailed manner.

Borderlands 3 Game Series: Some Interesting Things

  • The Borderlands games released so far are centred around Pandora, a planet that is said to be home to a mystical vault that apparently holds the key to tremendous wealth and power. This has led to the planet becoming to the site of a monumental struggle for power among people.
  • Add to that hostile life types, a very impressive villain, and a look and humour similar to comic books, and what the creators have churned up is a heady concoction of action and fun.
  • One pre-sequel and one spinoff later, we are very antsy with anticipation about the next game in the series. But while the first two entries were spaced at a convenient gap of three years (2009 and 2012 respectively for parts 1 and 2), it’s been over four since the last game came out. So essentially, Borderlands 3 is late in arrival. But as it is with games, that is not always bad news.

It is the question whether Borderlands 3 will happen at all, or if it will be the game that we’re all expecting to see, that worries us. To get to that, let’s take a look at all the proceedings surrounding the game up until now.

Borderlands 3- If or When?


Back in 2012 when Borderlands 2 came out, the year belonged to Gearbox as they topped what they had done three years earlier. But as two years rolled by, there was still no announcement about Borderlands 3. While we loved all the new additions and perspectives that came with the game,

  • In fact, Randy Pitchford confirmed that there were no plans for a third main entry into their acclaimed franchise.
  • Instead, the studio released a new Borderlands game that was more like an interim one between the first two games.

Fans still wanted to know what would happen in the Borderlands universe after the death of Handsome Jack. But while we’re eager to meet our new antagonist, we don’t really know where the upcoming game stands right now.


Thankfully, however, it seems like the question about Borderlands 3 has to do more with When rather than If.  But what Pitchford did say was that the upcoming entry will be a grand one, and we’re hoping this brings the story full circle. While still not a great deal of information, it was a start at least that a new Borderlands game had just been confirmed even though we were not sure if it was what we wanted to hear. That itself was huge, and then the rumours and speculations about Borderlands 3 started pouring in. And the studio has been all but facilitating this, as announcements about the upcoming game have been pretty inconsistent in coming. But on the other hand, that also inevitably led to people suggesting that the game had been canned for the time being as the creators were finding it difficult to come up with ideas to top the last instalment.

  • Back in 2015, Pitchford, Gearbox’s CEO, revealed that the studio was getting ready to delve into what might be Borderlands 3. But while he said that the studio was committed to the idea, they were not keen on commenting about what direction the game would ultimately take.
  • He even said that the new Borderlands game may not be called Borderlands 3 at all, but Borderlands 4 (which makes a little sense, considering the pre-sequel).


But that was soon proven to be false by Pitchford himself. At the 2016 PAX East convention, the Gearbox head assured fans that the development of Borderlands 3 would start as soon as the studio was done with the release of Battleborn and all its DLC. Moreover, we also came to know via reports that notable people associated with the last two games were coming back on the next big Borderlands project.

  • It was already known that Gearbox was hiring developers for the new game, but familiar associations are always good news.
  • That is especially the case with Borderlands 3, as the past games’ art director Scott Kester is making a comeback along with Mikey Neumann, the man behind scripting the original game. What we can derive from this is that fans don’t have to be worried about the future of the series, as it happens to be in very safe hands.

Borderlands 3 could finally be in development. While Gearbox has never really confirmed what their new project will be called or whether or not it will belong to the Borderlands series at all, it is all increasingly starting to come together. And once again, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford happens to be at the centre of it all. Let us state here that the new information is definitely not a leak, but a verified picture from the man of the hour himself.

Recently, Pitchford posted a picture on his Twitter account which showed him clad in a motion capture outfit. The text accompanying the picture did not divulge any real information, but Pitchford’s stance was a cheeky one. “Doing a shoot… I may or may not be a psycho bandit in a video game we may or may not be working on,” he said, while also wishing fans a “happy Bulletstorm lunch date.”

It is obvious that the status was clearly meant as a tease, and there is only one Gearbox title right now that would warrant this kind of a post. The fact that the studio’s Head refrained from naming the title and appears trying to be deliberately mysterious is also telling. Also, the character of “a psycho bandit” seems very fitting in the Borderlands world in our humble opinion.Another interesting little fact is that famed magician duo Penn and Teller also posted similar gear for a project for which they are collaborating with Gearbox Software. So is it possible that we will see a cameo by the duo in Borderlands 3?

This is not the first time this year that we have been teased by Gearbox about Borderlands 3. Back in March, the studio pitched a demo video to the attendees at GDC 2017 which showed off new graphics tech based on the Unreal Engine 4. He had also added that the tech was something that could be used in a future Borderlands game. Although Pitchford was not specific about Borderlands 3 being in the works, the video showed off some aspects that very clearly belonged to the franchise’s universe.

Perhaps the Borderlands 3 is on the way after all. Maybe E3 2017 will be as eventful as Borderlands fans hope it will be. If progress is already on, then we should hear something solid by the end of this year.

Borderlands 3: What about now??

But to address the all-important question of When, Borderlands 3 should already be in development. The creators have admittedly been brainstorming over the contents of the new game for a while now, so we don’t imagine they’ll wait too long to jump right into their next project. And while Gearbox has been eerily silent about the proceedings of Borderlands 3, thankfully, now, 2K has given us what appears to be broad hint.

For those of you who are still in the dark, Borderlands 3 may be up for release in 2018 itself. This makes perfect sense, as 2018 already appears to have a lot in store for fans with the release of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. But there has to be a concrete reason why we suppose Borderlands 3 will be rolled out close to RDR 2, right? Well, during their most recent earnings call, 2K’s parent company Take-Two Interactive revealed a lot more than their mundane financial report for the past year. While talking about the year ahead, Take-Two officials said that while 2017 was going to be good year all around with the release of noted titles like NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18, the year after that wasn’t too bleak either. This is because there are two major titles coming out in 2018, and while one is the recently rescheduled Red Dead Redemption 2, the other is a brand new game from one of 2K’s most famous gaming franchises.

While the game’s title was deliberately left unsaid, we have to admit that there are only a couple of names that are coming to our collective minds, with Borderlands 3 ranking at the very top. The argument is a solid one too, for as we all know, Gearbox has already give us some solid looks at Borderlands 3 in progress in March this year.

GDC 2017 has been a pretty interesting event with some great new tech unveilings. But the highlight for fans of Borderlands was definitely Gearbox’s presentation. During the unveiling, Pitchford pointed out that the video demonstration that accompanied the company’s new tech showcasing was not from a new game, but they clearly referred to the franchise that has left fans wanting for more for such an unbearably long period. The best part is, the Gearbox team looked pretty excited about it themselves.

The bit that grabbed all hungry eyeballs was undoubtedly the footage they showed off, which definitely looked real similar to what we have been seeing in the franchise. The visuals, aided by the Unreal Engine 4, looked like food for nostalgia. Pitchford himself described it as a “non-realistic art style,” something that people have come to associate with the Borderlands games. The Gearbox Chief did not directly say that the clips were from Borderlands 3, but he did point out that the tech was something that the studio could use in the development of a future Borderlands game. It is anybody’s guess what this future iteration could be.​

Another thing to be noted is that the clip showed off the suit-clad figure of what looks like a female character straight out of a Borderlands entry. Pitchford, as if anticipating the kind of questions the studio would be getting after the presentation, hurriedly added that fans don’t need to worry about the character. But many are tempted to think that this could be a returning character, considering that her face is covered with a helmet. But we saw some really cool landscapes and gained insight into the detailed tech that might end up being featured in the game that we’re all waiting for.​

Despite the attempt at being vague, we are thankful to Gearbox for having at least hinted that work on what could be Borderlands 3 is well underway. And by the sound of it, we can expect some next level improvements in the overall feel of the game when it comes out. However, nothing about the release date has been stated so far, so looks like we’ll have to keep guessing for a while.

  • With Battleborn having launched earlier in 2016 and the year already having taken a turn.
  • Borderlands 3 should be well underway. But while fans were expecting an official announcement about the next game in the franchise during last year’s The Game Awards (egged on by none other than Pitchford himself), they were disappointed as the promised announcement turned out to be related to a remastered edition of Bulletstorm.
  • What about Borderlands 3, then? Well, we’re hoping that the studio will soon stop teasing fans and give up some real information about Borderlands 3 Release Date. However, don’t expect the game to be announced formally anytime soon.

At the moment, there is not much official talk about Borderlands 3. But ardent fans of the series have kept a keen eye out which has duly returned some favorable news regarding the upcoming entry. Gearbox had announced earlier that Borderlands 3 would be their next project after they were done with Battleborn, and thus many had correctly assumed that Gearbox’s 2016 release may contain some clues about the next Borderlands game. As it turns out, some cryptic clues have been discovered in Battleborn, which have a clear connection with Borderlands 3. And the fact that the clues obtained have no connection to any existing Borderlands game can only mean one thing- it is meant as an Easter Egg to Borderlands 3 itself.

Redditors have applied all their knowledge about sound and coding to uncover that the Battleborn DLC has the following message embedded into it at a certain place: “Visit Prometea/ Children of the Vault/ We Are Not on Pandora Anymore/ Tannis Is Not What She Seems/ Do Not Open the Vaults.” Prometea is reminiscent of the planet Promethea, and Tannis may refer to Patricia Tannis- an expert all matters related to the Vault and the Eridians.

While it is unclear what the message really means, it is clear that it is a story-clue of sorts towards Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Expected Features and Wishlist

Randy Pitchford’s initial talks about the magnitude of the new game have already fuelled expectations, and they’re not getting any lower by the day. Granted, we don’t know anything much about Borderlands 3 just yet, but we can throw around some guesses. But first, let’s start off with what Mikey Newmann had to say about some elements we may see in the new game. The revelation he had made had to do with a new character, but the addition is related to the last games.

Neumann said during PAX East 2016 that Borderlands 3 may introduce Scooter the mechanic’s son, aptly named Scooper. However, we’re still in the shadows about what capacity the new character will be used in (incidentally, Neumann was the one who had voiced Scooter). Perhaps he will be one of the playable characters that the new game will introduce, or he may be an NPC. However, Neumann said that nothing was confirmed as the studio was in the phase of cooking up ideas for Borderlands 3. So let’s move ahead to what else we can expect to see in the upcoming game.

Open world, finally: Gaming mechanics have come a long way since we last saw a main entry in the franchise but achieving great, next-level mechanics is what the folks over at Gearbox are renowned for. The original Borderlands game was a landmark in terms of perspective, gameplay, and look. The series has also done a lot with its maps, letting players be teleported across locations. But one thing that both games lacked was a truly open world setting.

  • It is widely rumoured that Borderlands 3 will be the first in the series to come with an expansive open world setting, especially if we take Pitchford describing the upcoming game as “the big one” literally. But take a moment to consider just how amazing a Borderlands game will be with unlimited maps and exploration of Pandora. This one has been long overdue, and Borderlands 3 would be the perfect platform to incorporate this.

A New Villain: Borderlands 3 is expected to be the direct sequel to Borderlands 2, though we don’t quite know how much time will have passed in between the two games’ stories. But Handsome Jack is already dead. It is okay to miss the madman. But we want, and we think, we’ll get a new antagonist in Borderlands 3. We just hope he is dynamic, charismatic, and funny as Jack. Or perhaps Borderlands 3 will experiment with a whole new approach to the story, 

  • so there might not be a clearly etched out villain character in the upcoming game at all, much like the 2009 original. It may even be possible for Handsome Jack to make a return. It may not be physical, but more like how we saw in Tales from the Borderlands.

Terrific Story Twists: There is a lot riding on the next Borderlands game, and we believe what Gearbox and Take-Two finally deliver will be the determining factor for the franchise relevance with modern day gamers. This fact alone warrants something of a stellar effort from the creators. But let’s face it; it all begins and ends with the story. And with an announcement about Borderlands 3 breathing down our necks and more and more Easter eggs being uncovered by hawk-eyed fans, we believe that Gearbox is going to bring in some devious new twists into the Borderlands 3 story.

If theories are right, as they often are, the next game in the series may introduce a villain in the form of a character that we have seen before. The story front in the Borderlands games are always well covered, and there is little doubt that the new game will appeal to newcomers as well. But what about those who have been with the series since its beginnings? They definitely need something new, and what could be more novel and devastating to see that a character we never suspected turn out to be the player all along?

We certainly hope that the twists don’t stop with one character. Keep them coming Gearbox!

New Foes: The terrains of Pandora have all but become familiar to fans, but the introduction of an open world setting leaves us with endless possibilities. A virtually unending world would have the kind of scope that we have never seen in the previous titles.

  • New locations mean not only new people to meet and interact with but also new enemies. For all we know, there may be a substantial time difference between the events of the 2012 game and Borderlands 3, and Pandora’s mysticism may have invited some new alien factions to the planet in search of the Vault. So in the next game, there is a real possibility that we’ll get to fight off some new and improved enemies.

New Weapons: To mow down the New Enemies Borderlands is famed for its array of weapons, some of which are completely off the hook. Add to that the fact that the power struggles on Pandora have spawned a number of in-game weapons manufacturers who do their best to outdo one another.

  • If the new game moves on ahead to a future timeline than the last two games, then there’s a high chance we’ll see some insane additions to the existing roster.

What about customization, though? We are sure Gearbox knows all the fantastic things that this could do for the next game. Just because we want new weapons does not necessitate the complete elimination of the older ones, but they have got to keep up with the next generation. This is why we want our guns and other weapons in Borderlands 3 to be tweakable. What if, as we progressed through the game, we could rip parts off the weapons of others to upgrade our own? In the process, perhaps we could end up with something totally outrageous despite starting off on a more humble note.

If that sounds like too much work to implement, upgrading certain aspects of your weapon as you play may be a more feasible idea.

New Characters: This one is a given. Each of the Borderlands games that we have seen so far has come with a new set of playable characters as the Vault Hunters. Undoubtedly, 

  • Borderlands 3 will introduce four such new characters, each with their unique skill set. But what if these characters are ones that we have already seen in the last games as NPCs? Or perhaps, like the Scooper idea, they could all have some related lineage which would make the game a wealth of nostalgia. And while we’re at it, we would love to see some in-depth character customisation.

There is one other thing that we would like to add while we are still on the topic of characters. We love the way Gearbox handles their characters, but in all honesty, we don’t mind a slight bit of variation. With Borderlands 3 coming up, we are sure the creators are already busily working on some really cool personalities that we would love to play as, but what we really want to see is a little bit of diversity. This is because despite the fact that the series has given us so many awesome characters, both playable and NPC, we can’t help but feel that they all feel very similar. So for the next game, we want Gearbox to look beyond the superficial diversification and delve deeper to make them truly unique.

More Vaults : There is no question about the fact that we are getting some new Vaults in Borderlands 3. The ending of Borderlands 2 teased a lot of them, and since then we have been waiting in eager anticipation. But we really hope that some of these new ones are really unique.

Graphical Upgrade: Borderlands 3 will come with a significant hike in terms of graphical details. The series is well-known for its cel-shaded, comic book-like graphics, and while we don’t want that to change, the series could do with crisper, more colour balanced visuals.

VR Support: As we all know, the Virtual Reality trend will soon become accessible to all, thanks to the significant moves undertaken by some of the biggest tech names in the world. But can you imagine playing Borderlands 3 in VR? We absolutely can! As unrealistic and far-fetched the world of Pandora may be, fans would love to immerse themselves in it, experiencing the horrors and the humour as if first hand. Bring on the VR-compatibility for Borderlands 3, we say.

Multiplayer: Borderlands 3 will have an online multiplayer mode, much like its predecessors. Expect the improved multiplayer mechanics that we saw in Borderlands 2 to be taken up a notch.

Split Screen: One of the greatest things about the Borderlands games (besides all the others) was the option to play local multiplayer. The option to play split screen on your computer with your buddies without the need to go online wasn’t just awesome and very convenient, but in today’s date, it is becoming increasingly difficult to come across. We already expect Borderlands 3’s online multiplayer to feature cool upgrades and great improvements. But fans really do want to see the local playing options make a comeback. It would bring back all sorts of nostalgia while adding a sense of novelty. And we have a feeling that Gearbox would want to retain the old-school aspects of Borderlands even while making it cater to the modern audiences.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

In the new game, a player will play as any one of the playable characters that the game introduces.The new game is expected to retain a lot of the gameplay elements of the past titles. So, without a doubt, Borderlands 3 will be a first-person loot and shoot action game that allows for a lot of expeditions along the Pandoran terrain. Players will be tasked with locating the vault and uncovering its secrets. Being an open-world game, Borderlands 3 will also have a number of side quests that will allow the player to explore more of Pandora and come upon new people and weapons that will ultimately help them with their main quest.

  • The game will have a checkpoint system, which will allow the player character to be revived from the last checkpoint after they die, albeit by losing some of the progress.

We already mentioned that Borderlands 3 might have some new weapons types, and these will be available for purchase with in-game money or trading systems. They can also be made available through drop and loot at certain points.

  • As a player levels up, the loot contents will become more and more upgraded. Additionally, each use of a weapon will lend the player more experience with them and make them more accurate and powerful.

New gameplay mechanics and features are all but inevitable in Borderlands 3. Read our detailed feature on Borderlands 3’s gameplay to know more.

Borderlands 3 Poster and Trailer

Borderlands 3 has not yet been announced formally with a trailer. So unfortunately, we don’t quite have any glimpses at the new game’s look. At this point, the GDC 2017 presentation is the closest that we have come to getting a real visual hint. Do watch the video below to see the ongoing development process. And keep watching this space and our detailed feature to stay updated about new unveilings. With any luck, we should be able to see an actual launch trailer at one of the prominent gaming events in 2017. You can watch Borderlands 3 GDC 2017 Presentation right here!

While we are almost sure that Borderlands 3 is definitely happening, Gearbox has only been dropping hints here and there to tease fans. Earlier they had said that the next game in the celebrated franchise would happen only after the studio was done with Battleborn, and now that the latter is well and truly a thing of the past, we can only expect Gearbox to stick to their promise.

And it looks like the Borderlands 3 release date is not as questionable as it had been last year. In fact, the tech demo that we have talked about above is proof enough that the game positively exists. Subsequent leaks and Easter eggs, along with Randy Pitchford’s own tweets have gone on to give us some interesting story clues as well. The only thing that we do not have yet is an announcement.

But in a way, we think it is good that Gearbox is taking their time to announce Borderlands 3. So many games with potential have been doomed because of the fact that they were unveiled too early, leading the developers to hurry through the process. But with a title as highly anticipated as Borderlands 3, it is only natural that the developers would be extra careful, especially after the way Battleborn was received.

Coming to when we can actually expect the Borderlands 3 release date to happen, we cannot tell for sure. But publishing giant Take-Two Interactive has said during their earnings call earlier this year that 2K is about to get a new entry in one of their most popular franchises sometime in 2018-2019. While this can be anything, we are tempted to believe that it is indeed Borderlands 3. If that is true, then we will see an announcement soon.

Coming to the platforms, Pitchford had confirmed at an earlier time that the next Borderlands game would be built exclusively for the eighth generation consoles, which means that it will be playable for the Xbox One and the PS4.

Borderlands 3 Nintendo Switch: Is it Happening?

There were speculations about a Nintendo Switch version for Borderlands 3 too, but Pitchford has confirmed that while the studio had talked about it with Nintendo, it is not materializing. Check out Pitchford’s tweet below. This is unique Christmas gifts for your girlfriend or wife.

Wrap Up

Borderlands 3 is a game that the entire world is looking forward to because it will be the biggest addition to the franchise that had challenged the rules of video gaming way back in 2009. It is far from dubious that the new title will bring in some real game changers in terms of storytelling and mechanics. While Borderlands 3 has seen a significant amount of delay, we are certain that Gearbox will take the time to deliver an experience that is as unique as it is familiar. Watch out for more information about Borderlands 3 as they come. Meanwhile, feel free to browse through our detailed features about the upcoming game’s different aspects. Also, let us know what you would like to see in Borderlands 3 in the comments below.